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vegan cosmetics, αρώματα τύπου, αρώματα χώρου

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

  • What payment methods are there?
    You can pay either cash on delivery to the courier company, or by debit or credit card, with a PAYPAL account, or by bank deposit in the listed accounts. Arriving at the check out of your order, all the above options are given.
  • Can I pick up my order immediately?
    For the residents of Thessaloniki the delivery can be done either from the store the same day or through the electronic order that you will give via e-food. For all other areas outside Thessaloniki, the goods are shipped directly with the cooperating courier. For Cyprus the goods are sent either through your own courier, or through Hellenic Post (EL.TA.)
  • Can I buy wholesale other than retail?
    You can purchase our products on wholesale terms by sending your request and the quantities you wish to the email address
  • The products produced;
    All our products are produced in Greece by the company novitagroup to which auranuova also belongs.
  • The products are tested on animals before being made available to the public;
    No, under no circumstances are our products tested on animals or experimental animals at any stage of the production process. Our company is certified curelty free by PETA.
  • Can I send my own courier or person to pick up my order?
    Yes of course you can, always using your first name and order number.
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